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Sunday, October 4

Batu Seremban: Butterfly Series

These were made during last year X'mas for my nieces.  I must have forgotten to post them up.

Red_Butterfly (left)
Purple_Butterfly (right) 

Below 10set: RM15/set 
Above 10set: RM10/set and FOC Shipping

Tuesday, September 29

Batu Seremban: Sept-15 New Series (part 2)

Flower Polka Blue

 Small Heart Blue

Green Flowers

Pink Flowers

Purple Flowers

Paris Brown 

Below 10set: RM15/set 
Above 10set: RM10/set and FOC Shipping

Monday, September 7

Batu Seremban: Sept-15 New series



Sweet Strawberries 

Below 10set: RM15/set
Above 10set: RM10/set and FOC Shipping

Wednesday, August 26

Checkers Series BS

Checkers Series Batu Seremban, comes in 3 colours.  
Price at RM 10 each only!  

Red set - SOLD OUT
Black set - 1
Dark blue set - 2 

Sunday, April 26

Batu Seremban: April-15 Ready Stock




BS_Ribbon (last one!)

Below 10set: RM15/set
Above 10set: RM10/set and FOC Shipping.

Friday, April 3

Batu Seremban 2015 Series

Batu Seremban @ 7-Stone Game pricing:-

Below 10set: RM15/set
Above 10set: RM10/set and FOC Shipping.

BS_Apple - White
BS_Apple - Black 

BS_Small Hearts (sold out)


Other fabric design are also available, please e-mail for design availability.  

Saturday, September 13

Snowflake Construction

The diameter of Snowflake: about 3.1cm
Environmental Protection, Non-toxic, Safety, Soft;Rich colors;
Can make many different design - bridge, house, boat, basket, peacock, numbers.  
Accessories:about 100 pcs*Plastic Snowflake

Development of the child's brain thinking; 
Improve the Practical ability; 
Develop logical thinking ability; 
The ability to recognize colors and improved color vision;

Price: RM25 

Friday, August 15

Transformer: The Dark of the Moon Series

6 designs to choose from:- 
Optimus Prime, Megatron, BumbleBee, Starscream, Skyhammer and Ironhide
Size: 17cm

Optimus Prime 






Price: RM50 each 

Wednesday, August 13

Mother Garden: Doughnut Party Set

Price: RM150
Now  25% only RM112.50

Set including: storage case, plates X, donuts (4 types), Toppings (strawberry, cherry, cream, heart shape), Juices (2 types), Cupcakes x2, candy x2, Wafer x2, cookies x2, Churros-churros x2 (chocolate/ candy bar)

Storage case: 20cm(W) x 11cm(H), diameter 13cm

Suitable for age 2+

Saturday, July 19

Baby Animal Pulling Toys

颜 色很丰富,挂在宝宝床前,能吸引住宝宝呢。 最特别的是小动物的身体是可以拉伸的,抓着动物的小脚拉,于是好听的音乐就飘了起来,是宝宝最爱听的调调呢! 可爱的表情,会使小宝宝心情愉悦呢。它柔软的材质,非常适合小宝宝的抓握,常常让小家伙爱不释手哦! 八音盒的设计,只需轻轻一拉,根本就不用耗电,就能放出动听的音乐,很奇特吧! 顶部有挂绳,可以挂在小车或小床上,这样,就变成一个非常漂亮的车床挂啦! 经典的八音盒设计,不用电池,非常环保
Colors are rich.  Hand in front of baby for them to touch and play.  The toy can expand by grabbing the animal’s feet.  Come with music.   

Price: RM25
Now RM22 only!  

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