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Wednesday, August 26

Checkers Series BS

Checkers Series Batu Seremban, comes in 3 colours.  
Price at RM 10 each only!  

Sunday, April 26

Batu Seremban: April-15 Ready Stock




BS_Ribbon (last one!)

Below 10set: RM15/set
Above 10set: RM10/set and FOC Shipping.

Friday, April 3

Batu Seremban 2015 Series

Batu Seremban @ 7-Stone Game pricing:-

Below 10set: RM15/set
Above 10set: RM10/set and FOC Shipping.

BS_Apple - White
BS_Apple - Black 

BS_Small Hearts (sold out)


Other fabric design are also available, please e-mail for design availability.  

Saturday, September 13

Snowflake Construction

The diameter of Snowflake: about 3.1cm
Environmental Protection, Non-toxic, Safety, Soft;Rich colors;
Can make many different design - bridge, house, boat, basket, peacock, numbers.  
Accessories:about 100 pcs*Plastic Snowflake

Development of the child's brain thinking; 
Improve the Practical ability; 
Develop logical thinking ability; 
The ability to recognize colors and improved color vision;

Price: RM25 

Friday, August 15

Transformer: The Dark of the Moon Series

6 designs to choose from:- 
Optimus Prime, Megatron, BumbleBee, Starscream, Skyhammer and Ironhide
Size: 17cm

Optimus Prime 






Price: RM50 each 

Wednesday, August 13

Mother Garden: Doughnut Party Set

Price: RM150
Now  25% only RM112.50

Set including: storage case, plates X, donuts (4 types), Toppings (strawberry, cherry, cream, heart shape), Juices (2 types), Cupcakes x2, candy x2, Wafer x2, cookies x2, Churros-churros x2 (chocolate/ candy bar)

Storage case: 20cm(W) x 11cm(H), diameter 13cm

Suitable for age 2+

Saturday, July 19

Baby Animal Pulling Toys

颜 色很丰富,挂在宝宝床前,能吸引住宝宝呢。 最特别的是小动物的身体是可以拉伸的,抓着动物的小脚拉,于是好听的音乐就飘了起来,是宝宝最爱听的调调呢! 可爱的表情,会使小宝宝心情愉悦呢。它柔软的材质,非常适合小宝宝的抓握,常常让小家伙爱不释手哦! 八音盒的设计,只需轻轻一拉,根本就不用耗电,就能放出动听的音乐,很奇特吧! 顶部有挂绳,可以挂在小车或小床上,这样,就变成一个非常漂亮的车床挂啦! 经典的八音盒设计,不用电池,非常环保
Colors are rich.  Hand in front of baby for them to touch and play.  The toy can expand by grabbing the animal’s feet.  Come with music.   

Price: RM25
Now RM22 only!  

Lamaze High Contrast Footfinders and Wrist Rattles

High contrast colours and patterns stimulate babys vision. Encourages baby to reach, grab and kick, awakening muscles With every kick or wiggle, the foot finders rattle! Encourages the development of hand-eye coordination.

Measurements - 12.700 x 5.100 x 14.000 CM   
Age 0 Months+

RM14 per set.
Buy any 2 set for RM18. 

Set A = Wrist Rattles 

Set B = Foor Finders 

Lamaze Gardenbug Foot Finders and Wrist Rattles

The perfect way to start your baby's development. The innovative wrist rattles and foot finders fit comfortably on baby's wrists and ankles. Their bright colours, cute faces and enchanting noises will have baby searching for their hands and feet. The Gardenbug Wrist Rattles and Foot Finders are fully machine washable ensuring the health and safety of your baby without extra work for you! 

 Age: 0 Months+

RM14 per set.
Buy any 2 set for RM18. 
Can combine with Lamaze High Contrast Foot Finders and Wrist Rattles.  

Set A - foot finders only 

Set B = Wrist Rattles
Set C = Foor Finders 

The Hungry Caterpillar Developmental Toy

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a classic childhood character which is not only fun and engaging but educational too! The Developmental Caterpillar from The Very Hungry Caterpillar collection of developmental toys is perfect from newborns upwards and is the ideal gift to keep baby boys and baby girls entertained. 

- Spectacular colour and detail
- Features an array of colours, textures, sounds and vibrant imagery from the best-selling classic tale. 
- The tactile Developmental Caterpillar has purple antennae made from a crinkly and sparkly fabric which make a noise when baby plays with them. 
- The Developmental Caterpillar’s body has five separate sections
– the middle three are made from green and purple soft-to-touch plush and the two end sections are made from vivid blue and white patterned fabric which is smooth to the touch yet makes a crackly noise when squeezed thanks to a scrunchy filling. 
- Baby will love the six smooth and silky tags which are perfect for little fingers to play with. 
- The fabric labels, or tabs, feature imagery such as an ice cream and a star along with food from the popular children’s story including an orange and a plum. 
- features a bell in the caterpillar’s head and an embroidered strawberry which squeaks when pressed. 
- Teething babies will love the caterpillar’s green plastic tail which is especially designed for baby’s delicate gums and has wavy ridges for additional texture. 
- features a plastic ring which has three textured and coloured plastic balls on it adding movement and noise to the toy. 
- The ‘C’ shaped green plastic hook is handy for hanging the toy from the cot, pram, bouncy chair or car and is easy to clip on and off.


Price: RM30
Now 10% at RM27 

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