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Wednesday, September 1

Batu Seremban (7 stones game)

Do you remember playing this game when you were small?  I do!  Sigh, it does bring back memories of my primary school days with my friends, wearing my dark blue pinafore and sitting cross legged on the floor playing this game! 

 A little girl playing the 7 stone game 

Batu seremban (7 stones game) is one of the traditional game in our "Warisan Budaya Malaysia" - we need to teach or record down this game before this and future generations has no memory of this game.  This game can be played not only by girls, but boys as well.  That is why Cherish Our Kids is promoting this game.

Each set consists of 7 pyramid shaped cotton sachets sealed with green beans filling. 

Come wrapped in a beautiful matching cotton pouch bag as the sachets.

So many fabric designs to choose from.  
Design may slightly differ from the photos above.
Please e-mail me to check for available design.  

Price: RM10/set
Colors: 7 different patterns to choose from.  Inquire for stock availability as well as bulk order purchase.
Custom order will takes 3 - 5 days.

These Series are no longer available ~ sorry ~ 
Please refer to latest posts for the available designs

The objective of the game is to throw one of the stones one at a time and sweeping another on the floor simultaneously catching the one you threw earlier on. This game continues to advance stages where the game gets complicated.  You can observe how the game is played hereCompetitions are also being organized, as this game requires skill, and also to teach our younger generation about this game! 

Oh yeah, not forgetting since it contains green beans inside, let your baby touch it, play with it...  it's good therapy for their small fingers! 


Cherish Kids said...

From a customer:-

Received them today. Lovely! Thanks!


What your number hp? I want order your item red Batu Seremban.

Cherish Kids said...

Hp no. 0125886384. Which red batu seremban that you are looking for?
Check out in FB:

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